Sensors UK Ltd are pleased to be the sole UK supplier of Dimetix industrial laser distance sensors for more than 15 years.

Due to the laser’s unique measurement method and highest possible Swiss quality, we offer accurate and reliable long-distance sensors for the most challenging industrial applications.

Our products measure distances of up to 500 meters, with an accuracy of ±1 millimetre with a choice of interfaces and environmental protection for the majority of distance related applications.

Swiss Made

Dimetix AG develops, manufactures and sells worldwide high quality, contactless laser distance measurement sensors.

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Laser Distance Products

  • D-Series Lasers

    The D-Series Dimetix laser distance sensors are at the forefront of our continuous development and innovation.

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    D-Series Lasers
  • Crane Sentry

    Modular and intuitive laser distance sensor-based systems that can be used for overhead crane positioning and collision detection monitoring.

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    Crane Sentry
  • Accessories

    Further options such as additional interface options, cables, displays etc can also be purchased to give a complete measuring system.

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We Supply Lasers to these Industries

  • Bulk Storage & Level

    Bulk Storage & Level

  • Engineering & Construction

    Engineering & Construction

  • Enhanced Protection

    Enhanced Protection

  • Industrial Measurement

    Industrial Measurement

  • Materials Handling

    Materials Handling

  • Steel Production & Fabrication

    Steel Production & Fabrication